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Page history last edited by Señora 9 years, 9 months ago
Chapter 1 Greetings, Numbers 0-31, time, date, days
Chapter 2 Describe people, age & birthday, likes & dislikes, ser, gustar
Chapter 3   likes & dislikes, everyday activities, frequency, gustar, querer, -ar verbs, ir, jugar
Chapter 4  classes, plans, inviting, tener, venir, ir a, -er & -ir verbs
Chapter 5 family, where you live, responsibilities, stem changing verbs, estar, negation, tocar & parecer
Chapter 6 food, taking orders, meals, ser & estar, pedir, servir, preferir, poder, and probar, direct objects

Chapter 7  daily routine, healthy, how you feel, advice, reflexive verbs, estar, sentirse, and tener

negative informal commands, object & reflexive pronouns with commands



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