Curriculum & Informational web sites


Handout:  PD February 7,2011

Accent marks with the ALT key

Accent keys with ALT on a lap top


Informational Web Sites:

iRubrics: rubrics and ecommunity. 
World Time Zones: Map with current time
Newseum: Today's Front pages from around the world
4Teachers: Teach with technology

Alt accents:  Using the ALT key to type accent marks


Curriculum Related Web Sites:

Michigan World Language Standards
Michigan Credit/Experience Guidelines
National Standards for World Language

The 5 Cs
How to connect students with the world
Penny's Delicious page: Click on a tag (topic) on the right side to check out links.

Create rubrics online



Language Teacher Pages:

BCPS Elementary Specials
Southfield Christian's French links
Southfield Christian's Spanish links
Gails' French Educational Links: Scroll down for the good stuff
Mme. Krause's French Class
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
Kathy Schrock's guide for FL Educators
Classroom Resource Links (French)
Dr. Herkstroeter's French and German links
Jefferson County Schools Foreign Language Site

Professor Becker's Site:  A little bit of everything...

World Langauge Resources:  Tons of links

Emilia Carillo: Many topics on Pinterest.  Great pictures!



International Tongue Twisters: 1st International : Tongue Twisters in about any language


About World Languages: Facts about every language
Portals to the World: Click on a country
World Atlas: Best maps anywhere, many different types


Clear @ MSU
MisCositas: Incredible materials in any language. Full units, realia, picture books, etc.
Teachers Pay Teachers: Foreign Language House


Online text collections in many languages


Teaching using online resources:

Interactive Learning in the Connected Classroom

Fluency Prof:  Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Vocabulary and Grammar, Productivity, Presentation Tools, Tech Videos

4Teachers:  online tools and resources


Where to make a wiki:

PB Works (this is what I use)



Wet Paint



Excellent wikis to get ideas from:

Mr. Bruce's History

Mr. Armstrong's US History wiki


Mr. Woodbridge's Science wiki

Mr. Klingman's History wiki

Spanish wiki

Honors British Literature

Srta. Rogers Spanish wiki

English 9-a wiki

FHS Wolves Den wiki

Maria Jose's French class

Madame Krause's French wiki

Todoele Spanish wiki

Penny's elementary teacher's wiki

Penny's Warrior Spanish (high school) page